ArcGIS Coordinator

Champaign, IL

Position Summary:

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator will assist in developing, updating, analyzing, and managing GIS data for a Telecommunications Company. This position will assist in a variety GIS analysis, GIS data development, GIS data maintenance and data preparation for use in permitting and communicate project status. The GIS Coordinator will work closely within functional teams to deliver GIS data and GIS services, with a strong emphasis on teamwork, commitment, sense of urgency, and continuous improvement.

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Primary Responsibilities/Requirements:

  • Assist with GIS, data, and mapping for the Field Engineering, supporting both internal and external teams.
  • Assist in producing technical specifications, project approach with cost estimates.
  • Assist with GIS mapping and data collection tasks.
  • Utilize various software packages and information from various sources (MS Access databases, MS Excel spreadsheets and documents such as deeds, field notes etc.) to create GIS maps to support field personnel as well as for deliverables.
  • Assist with digital feature extraction from multiple data sources.
  • Assist in the projections and transformations for project deliverables.
  • Assist GIS system needs and requirements to implement improved work methods.
  • Assist in the creation and updating of new and existing GIS maps and map layers and GPS data edition and representation using ArcGIS in support of field surveys.
  • Assist with GPS data collection and post-processing for high accuracy data specifications.
  • Assist with GIS metadata creation.
  • Assist with the design extensions and add-ins for GIS applications such as ESRI ArcGIS Explorer for in-house use.
  • Assist with land survey records search, ownership data research from various sources.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
  • Experience in MIS and Programming a plus.
  • Experience working in the ArcGIS desktop environment is required (ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 or higher a plus).
  • Basic GIS skills, including data analysis abilities.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Proficient computer skills including Microsoft Office suite.
  • Prior GPS and applicable natural science field experience a plus