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Pavlov Media Adds 100 Gigabit Speeds to Backbone Network

Pavlov Media, one of the nation’s largest private providers of broadband services to multifamily real estate owners, today announced the launch of 100 Gigabit (100,000 Megabit […]

Fiber is now arriving faster than ever!

Along with delivering exceptional Internet services comes the need for faster machines to supply it.  This includes a fleet of vehicles as well as specialized fiber […]

The Preiss Company and Pavlov Media Bring Gigabit Internet and the Latest Wi-Fi Technology to Station at Martin

In response to increasing demand for high-performance Internet speeds in student housing, Pavlov Media and The Preiss Company announced today that Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) bandwidth as […]

Pavlov Media Connects Huntsville, Texas To National Backbone Fiber Optic Network

Pavlov Media, one of the nation’s largest private providers of broadband services for multi-family real estate, announces it has completed fiber optic construction in Huntsville, Texas.  […]

Case Study- Why Bandwidth Costs Vary from Place to Place

Location, location, location.

Case Study- DDOS Attacks

Case Study- Grove Waco

In Waco, Texas around the Baylor University campus, competition for residents is stiff. Baylor University provides a top education to thousands of students. And those students […]

The Value of Our Fiber Optic Backbone

WebSnap Loads Websites Dozens of Times Faster Than Conventional Networks

Pavlov Media announces work is complete on its new WebSnap network enhancement. WebSnap is a combination of traffic management techniques that includes short, superfast blasts of […]

Pavlov Media Expands Network to include Los Angeles Colocation Facility

Pavlov Media announces the company added Los Angeles to its list of colocation facilities.  The new colo has one Gigabit capability which means the company is […]

Pavlov Media Connects Statesboro to 10 Gigabit (10,000 Mbps) Fiber Optic Network

Pavlov Media announces it has completed the first phase of fiber optic construction in Statesboro, Georgia.  This provides businesses and apartment complexes in Statesboro access to […]

Pavlov Media Launches Major Video Upgrade

Pavlov Media, one of the nation’s largest private providers of Internet and cable TV services for multi-family real estate, announces it’s now deploying Dish-TV’s smartbox™ cable […]

Pavlov Media Enhances Network to Improve Web Page Loading Time

Pavlov Media is hosting a root domain name server on its network.  The DNS (Domain Name Server) root name server improves latency for end users of […]

Wi-Fi for the Future

How Fast is Tesseractiv®?

Tesseractiv® at Campus Suites

Tesseractiv® Teaser

Tesseractiv® Demo